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We are a rapidly growing start-up building next-generation-machine learning-based conversational bots. Our technology is revolutionising the way people interact with computers and we would love to continue this journey with you.

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Deep Learning Scientist/Engineer - AI Backend

What You Will Be Doing
We are looking for highly talented and driven machine learning developers who are not afraid of big technical challenges and want to work on ground breaking technology that could have extraordinary impact. You will be expected to generate your own amazing ideas and turn them into high performing/massively scalable algorithms to help us solve some of the world’s hardest problems in the conversational AI space. Specifically we’re interested in Software Engineers with experience in building Deep Learning Networks with a good handle on Python, C/C++ and latest NLP algorithms.

What You Need for this Position
  • 5+ years of experience in architecting, designing and implementing recurring neural network
  • Experience in common NLP patterns and algorithms
  • Strong Python coding skills
  • MD/Ph.D. in Machine Learning preferred
  • Good spoken and written English

Barcelona (Spain), Reading (UK)

NLP/Linguistic Engineer

What You Will Be Doing
You will be responsible for researching and developing new natural language understanding algorithms that underlie our core technology. You will apply your practical experience with syntactic and semantic parsing, named-entity detection, and user intent understanding algorithms to implement solutions for challenging real-world problems.

What You Need for this Position
  • MS or Ph.D. in computer science, computational linguistics, or other computational discipline
  • Proven expertise (5+ years) in the fundamentals and practical application of statistical (Machine Learning-based) and rule-based Natural Language Processing techniques.
  • Must have deep understanding of concepts and resources in Linguistics: syntax and dependency parsing, semantics, ontologies, etc.
  • Proven expertise with knowledge graphs.
  • Strong programming background (5+ years) with at least two of the following: Java, Python, C, C++.
  • Previous experience using source NLP toolkits such as Apache OpenNLP, Stanford’s CoreNLP, NLTK, and Apache UIMA.

Barcelona (Spain), Reading (UK)

Senior Web Developer

What You Will Be Doing
As our Senior Web Developer you will design, develop and deploy our machine learning front end platform with focus on high availability, low latency and scalability. You will be mentoring junior web developers and you will work closely with passionate AI Engineers and Deep Learning Researchers. You will be writing high-quality code while making sure of the proper usage of best practices, patterns and methodologies. You will be able to communicate the requirements and dependencies of components with other team members and maintain the technical documentation. You will mostly work independently but always with the support of other team members in the agile and fast paced environment.

You will be responsible for
  • Delivering scalable and performant user interfaces for Hutoma products, integrating with our service infrastructure using web technologies.
  • Setting web development coding standards and mentoring junior developers.
  • Documenting procedures and designs through whole software lifecycle.
  • Working with the developers that provide Hutoma's infrastructure.
  • Working with designers incorporating their work flows and implementing visual styles as specified.

What You Need for this Position
  • 3+ years commercial software development experience.
  • Shipped multiple HTML5/CSS/JS web projects in commercial setting.
  • Solid grasp of current web technologies (e.g. HTTP, cookies, headers) and Computer Science fundamentals.
  • Experience of profiling and optimizing code performance.
  • Good spoken and written English

Required technical skills
  • HTML5, CSS, JS
  • Modular design using Angular 2 or equivalent MVC framework
  • Testing frameworks using QUnit or equivalent framework
  • Typescript
  • Agile/Scrum experience
  • Websockets

Barcelona (Spain), Reading (UK)